Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow Services

EyeBrow Shaping

$28.00 | 30 min

Achieve perfectly sculpted brows with our Professional Eyebrow Shaping service. Our expert technicians use precise techniques to enhance your natural brow shape, creating a polished and symmetrical look. Whether you prefer a bold or subtle style, we tailor the experience to suit your unique features, leaving you with beautifully defined brows that frame your face flawlessly.

Eyebrow Tint Only

$22.00 | 30 min

Eyebrow Tinting / Wax Combo

$45.00 | 30 min

Enhance and define your brows with our Professional Eyebrow Tinting & Wax Combo. Our skilled technicians expertly shape your brows through precise waxing and then apply a custom tint to achieve your desired shade. This combination creates beautifully sculpted and naturally fuller-looking brows that perfectly frame your face. Experience the ultimate brow transformation with our tinting and waxing expertise.

Men Eyebrows

$30.00 | 30 min
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